On Tuesday 10 October 2017, the Government launched a new website – Ethnicity Facts and Figures – the aim of which is to challenge society to “explain or change” disparities in how people from different ethnic backgrounds are treated.

The new site publishes the results of a wide-ranging audit of public services and contains thousands of statistics covering more than 130 topics in areas including employment, health, education, and criminal justice.

One of the key findings is that employment rates are higher for white people than for ethnic minorities across the country, with a larger gap in the north (13.6%) than in the south (9%).

The audit has also highlighted that: ethnic minorities are under-represented at senior levels across the public sector; and that unemployment among black, Asian and other ethnic minorities is almost double that of white British adults.

The website will be a permanent resource, with new data being added over time. A specialist unit, run from the Cabinet Office, will co-ordinate the Government’s work.

The website can be accessed by following the link below: