A whistleblower has moved for partial summary judgment on two False Claims Act claims, arguing that defendants’ related convictions for conspiracy to commit healthcare fraud prohibit them from denying the essential elements of an FCA violation.  Relator’s Motion for Partial Summary Judgment, United States ex rel. Le v. Thaw, No. 09-CV-02482 (N.D. Tex. Jan. 22, 2015), ECF No. 41.  The whistleblower alleged that defendants defrauded Medicare through double-billing for therapy sessions and billing treatments using the provider number of a physician who did not conduct the treatments.  The whistleblower argues that as a result of her lawsuit, the federal government initiated a criminal investigation of defendants related to the claims she made, and both defendants pleaded guilty; each specifically admitted to double-billing and billing treatments using an improper provider number.  Thus, the whistleblower argues that defendants cannot now deny those allegations.