The Securities and Exchange Commission has filed a lawsuit against Prudential Financial, Inc., alleging violations of the financial reporting, books-and-records and internal control provisions of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, based upon its former property and casualty subsidiaries ("Prupac") entering into so-called finite reinsurance contracts with General Reinsurance Corporation. The SEC contends that the reinsurance agreements "had no economic substance and no purpose other than to build up and then draw down on an off-balance sheet asset, or 'bank,' that Gen Re held for Prupac." Securities and Exchange Commission v. Prudential Financial, Inc., Case No. 08-3916 (USDC N. N.J. Aug. 6, 2008). The SEC reports that it has reached a settlement with Prudential, which has consented to a permanent injunction against further violations of certain sections of the Exchange Act and associated Rules. This is similar to an enforcement action filed by the SEC against Rennaisance Re (see November 6, 2006 blog post).