Senator Dianne Feinstein(D-CA) has written a letter asking Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger(R-CA) to sign off on legislation that would ban bisphenol A(BPA) in children’s food and drink packaging in California. The legislation is currently pending final passage in California and it has been Gov. Schwarzenegger’s position not to comment on pending legislation until then. The bill will ban the use of BPA in products designed for children less than 3 years old.

This comes as Feinstein is pushing for a nationwide ban on BPA. Feinstein warns that exposure to BPA can slow the development of infants and young children. BPA is an organic compound that is found in plastic baby bottles and children’s sippy cups, among other products. Feinstein plans to offer an amendment that would ban BPA from use in baby bottles, sippy cups, baby food and infant formula to the food-safety bill that will be brought up at some point when the Senate returns from the August recess. In her letter, dated August 23, 2010, to the Governor she writes, “More research is necessary to determine the harm that BPA poses to human health, but until we know more, we need to err on the side of caution and remove this potentially harmful substance from our products.”