Restauranteurs and fishmongers warned: The Environment Agency has issued a reminder on the rules surrounding the marking and sale of wild caught salmon and sea trout. View >

Government leaflet on EU membership: The Cabinet Office has published text of a leaflet intended to be sent to all households setting out the benefits of EU membership. View >

EU action plan on VAT: The EU Commission has published an action plan on VAT simplification that has been welcomed by European business groups. 
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Response on activity calorie labelling: The Food and Drink Federation has issued a comment on labelling - linking calories to exercise, proposed in January by the Royal Society for Public Health (reason for doing this now is unclear). View > Royal Society for Public Health position paper >

DEFRA update plans to implement Smarter Rules Safer Food package: Taking into account EU Animal Health Regulation. View >

Future role of ‘Consumer Enforcers’: The Competition and Markets Authority Chief Executive, Alex Chisholm has delivered a speech on this topic to an international audience. View >

Bisphenol A and endocrine disruptors - a global threat? We look at how much we really know about the chemicals we are exposed to in food packaging, and whether there might be an association with hormone disruption, fertility issues and cancer? 
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Are you complying with the new Code of Standards for Advertising and Marketing Communications in Ireland? Read our guide. View >

Are you running competitions in compliance with the rules in Ireland? Read our guide. View >