Decree-Law No  8/2015. D.R. (Portuguese official gazette) No 9, Series I of 2015-01-14

Ministry of Solidarity, Employment and Social Security

The present Decree-Law revokes the suspension of the rules which regulated the anticipation of  the entitlement age for  the retirement pensions  under  the flexibility scheme.

In this sense, the suspension of the rules related to the anticipation of the entitlement age for retirement pensions was eliminated and, on the other hand , a transitional regime for the year of 2015 was established, during which beneficiaries who are 60 years old or more, and with, at least, 40-year contribution career, are entitled to an early retirement pension.

This Decree-Law also amends the rule on the reduction of the months of anticipation based on the length of the contribution career for the purpose of d etermining the global pension reduction rate. The anticipation months are reduced 4 months per  year of contribution career exceeding 40 years, instead of the current scheme of reduction of 12 months per three-year period exceeding a 30 year contribution career.

After this transitional period, the scheme which was in force at the date of the suspension will be resumed, as amended by Decree-Law No 8/2015, of 14 January.

This Decree-Law entered into force on January 1, 2015.