In Ruppel v. CBS Corp., 701 F.3d 1176 (7th Cir. 2012) (No. 12-2236), the Seventh Circuit held that an action filed by plaintiff complaining of injuries suffered from exposure to asbestos while working as a civilian on the construction of U.S. Navy vessels could be maintained in federal court.  Plaintiff had sued in state court, and the defendant removed the case to federal court.  The district court granted plaintiff’s motion to remand, but the Seventh Circuit reversed.  The Seventh Circuit held that federal jurisdiction existed under the Federal Officer Removal Statute, 28 U.S.C. §1442(a)(1), because defendant had a colorable federal defense, namely, the government contractor immunity defense.  The court explained that the government contractor immunity defense applies when the federal government provides a supplier with reasonably precise specifications; the supplier conforms its product to the government’s specifications; and the supplier warns the government about the dangers of using such a product that were known to the supplier but not to the government.