The Victorian Government has announced a “roadmap to reopening” for both Metropolitan Melbourne and Regional Victoria. It sets out the steps for easing restrictions, subject to case numbers and public health advice.

Importantly, there are no changes for business until at least 28 September 2020.

If you sought advice from us, then that advice stands.  If not, and you are uncertain about the existing rules impacting your business’ operations, please contact us.

Please see the below summary of the roadmap for an indication of how your business may be affected.

metropolitan melbourne roadmap, and impacts on businesses

In Metropolitan Melbourne, the Stage 4 Restrictions were originally due to end at 11:59pm on 13 September 2020.

Step 1

From 11:59pm on 13 September 2020, under Step 1 of the roadmap, the Stage 4 restrictions will continue to operate with minor changes.

Under this Step, there are no changes for business.

This means that if your business is currently considered a “Permitted Work Premises” that has been operating subject to Stage 4 Restrictions, you must continue to adhere to these restrictions.

These restrictions will operate until at least 28 September 2020 (and subject to case numbers meeting targets).

Step 2

Under Step 2, the restrictions will be partially eased for certain industries.

For example, construction, manufacturing and wholesale trade and warehousing will move from “Heavily Restricted” to “Restricted”. What this means is different for each business sector, and some sectors will have minimal changes between restriction levels.

This phase will last until at least 26 October 2020 (and again, subject to case numbers meeting targets).

Step 3

Under Step 3, major industries will return.

Businesses in the construction, manufacturing, and wholesale trade and warehousing industries will be able to open with a COVIDSafe Plan.

Retail businesses will also be able to open, subject to certain restrictions.

This phase is projected to last until, at the earliest, 23 November 2020 (and subject to case numbers meeting targets).

Last Step

Under the Last Step, more businesses and industries will be permitted to open subject to COVIDSafe Plans.

next steps

For further information about the current restrictions for businesses, please see our previous article on “stage 4 restrictions for business in victoria – what’s open and what’s not”.