The Law Proposal relating to the amnesty of acts committed during social and unions movements has been adopted by the Senate on February 27th, 2013.

The draft Law provides for the amnesty of offences and minor offences punished by a maximum of a 5 years' imprisonment, committed by a private or public employee between the January 1st, 2007 and February 1st, 2013, during a labor conflict or trade unions activities or during demonstrations on the public area.

The draft Law also provides for amnesty of acts committed in the same circumstances amounting to misconducts punishable by disciplinary measures or which could possibly be used as grounds for sanctions.

Besides, any employee or public agent dismissed for a pardoned misconduct other than willful misconduct causing physical and mental harm, would be reinstated within the job position occupied before the dismissal or a similar job position. The reinstatement request should be done within the year after the enactment of the Law or the imposition of the sanction.

The employee would benefit from the 12 months' protection normally attached to union delegates starting the day of the effective reinstatement.