OSHA recently issued a Trade News Release reminding employers to protect workers from demolition hazards.  OSHA outlined the particular hazards associated with “Demolition: Construction in Reverse, with Additional Hazards.”  With proper planning, personal protective equipment, training and compliance with OSHA standards (29 CFR Part 1926, Subpart T – Demolition), OSHA claims these hazards can be controlled and even eliminated.

The key points to remember when undertaking demolition are:

  • Plan ahead to get the job done safely
  • Provide the right protection and equipment
  • Train all employees about hazards and how to use the equipment safely

To read more about what constitutes demolition and the unique hazards involved, follow this link to OSHA’s Safety & Health Topics page which shares some helpful reminders, considerations to keep in mind when undertaking demolition work, and more details on the key points outlined above: https://www.osha.gov/doc/topics/demolition/index.html.