Interested parties must notify issuing governmental agency by March 17, 2017 to receive new extension

Governor Scott, for the second time, has extended the State of Emergency issued for the Zika Virus. As a result, holders of development orders and building permits have another opportunity to claim a longer extension. The Governor also declared a State of Emergency in advance of Hurricane Matthew. Under Florida Law, that State of Emergency affords holders of development orders and building permits an extension for the duration of the emergency plus six months. The Zika Virus State of Emergency affects 23 Florida counties and allows a total extension of 359 days.

Holders of development orders or building permits wishing to utilize the 359-day tolling extension must notify the issuing government authority no later than March 17, 2017. Holders wanting to utilize the tolling extension available under both the Hurricane Matthew and the Zika Virus States of Emergency must notify the issuing authority by March 2, 2017.