Decree n°2012-1155 of 15 October 2012 relating to aids to the creation of innovative cinematographic and audio-visual works repeals Decree n°2005-1396 of 10 November 2005 in view of extending and strengthening the selective aids granted by the Centre National de Cinéma et de l'image animée (National Center of Cinematography and the moving image - CNC) to authors and audio-visual works' production companies.

The creation of the aid to concepts and of the aid to the rewriting for works of fiction and animation intended to television aims at expanding CNC's support to authors throughout the creative process. The financial aid to documentaries is expanded to cinematographic works and is completed by the creation of the strengthened development aid, that aims at backing audio-visual works' production companies for the first shooting and the preediting of the work.

These different selective aids are granted by the CNC, as subsidies, to authors and audio-visual works' production companies settled in France, according to the innovative nature of the format, the dramaturgy and the direction of the work.