On 25 June 2009 Euronext Amsterdam announced that as from 1 July 2009 the obligation for issuers to advertise in the Dutch Daily Official List (Officiële Prijscourant) and a nationally distributed Dutch newspaper will no longer apply.

In light of the implementation of the Transparency Directive in the Financial Supervision Act (Wet op het financieel toezicht) all information which issuers are required to disclose to the public under the provisions of chapter A 2-7 of Euronext Rulebook II, as well as the listing agreement concluded between the issuer and Euronext Amsterdam, must be published in the manner prescribed by the Financial Supervision Act, i.e on the issuer's website and via a press release. The issuer shall also provide Euronext Amsterdam with a digital version of this information, as well as with any other information which must be made public pursuant to applicable law.

For more information we refer to 'NYSE Euronext - Amsterdam Notice 2009-002'.