The Nuffi eld Council on Bioethics has launched a 12 week public consultation on the ethics of using fi nancial incentives to increase donation of organs, eggs and sperm. Demand for donated organs, eggs and sperm is rising, and far exceeds supply. At present, it is illegal in the UK to pay for organs, tissue, eggs and sperm. Ideas to increase supply include cash incentives, payment of funeral expenses, priority for the donor if s/he requires a transplant later in life, payment of more generous expenses, and sending certifi cates or “thank you” letters to the donor, or his/her family.

Participants will enter a moral minefi eld, balancing the interests of those who suffer from a life-threatening condition which can be cured by a transplant or those desperate for a chance to conceive, against the adverse health implications for those who donate.

The deadline for responses is 13 July 2010. To take part in the consultation, or to learn more, go to: