On February 15, the FDIC announced it adopted a final rule, which removes references to external credit ratings from its international banking regulations related to permissible investment activities and the pledging of assets. According to FIL-9-2018, among other things, the amended final rule (adopted February 14) modifies the FDIC’s definition of “investment grade” under FDIC Rules and Regulations Part 347 by replacing references to external credit ratings with standards of creditworthiness that conform to Section 939A of the Dodd-Frank Act. As FIL-9-2018 explains, the final rule defines “investment grade” as a security issued by an entity that has adequate capacity to meet financial commitments for the projected life of the exposure. And as the final rule itself explains, this revision was made to “encourage regular, in-depth analysis by the banking organization of credit risks of securities, which is a prudent practice already expected of banks.” The final rule takes effect on April 1.