In an effort to protect and promote the use of the Arabic language, Qatar issued Law no. 7 of 2019. The Law, which entered into force on January 14, 2019, stipulates that ministries, government agencies, and public institutions are now required to use Arabic in their meetings and discussions. Furthermore, all state legislations, official documents, and other means of communications must be published in Arabic.

Regarding trademarks, Article 10 of the Law mandates that all trademarks and trade names must be displayed in Arabic. It is possible to use the foreign mark provided that the Arabic version is placed in a more prominent place, however.

The Law grants a grace period of six months from the date the Law entered into force for all parties concerned to take the necessary measure to conform to the aforesaid provisions. Any person or entity that violates this law shall be liable for a penalty of not more than QR 50,000 (USD 13,750).