Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Notice No. 102/2013, of 1 November

Announcing the fulfilment of the internal constitutional formalities for the approval of the Protocol which amends the Convention between Portugal and Switzerland to Avoid Double Taxation in the matter of Income Tax and Capital and its Additional Protocol.

The Protocol came into force on 21 October 2013.

In addition to the amendments verified in several provisions of the Convention, it should be highlighted that the Protocol lays down a mechanism for the exchange of information, at the request of the contracting States’ competent authorities, being expressly provided the lifting of banking secrecy.

Ministry of Finance
Portaria (Ordinance) No. 337/2013 of 20 November

Amending for the first time Portaria No. 320-A/2011 of 30 December, establishing the nuclear structure of the Tax and Customs Authority and the competences of the relevant organic units, and setting out the maximum number of flexible organic units.

Ministry of Finance
Portaria (Ordinance) No. 340/2013 of 22 November

Amending for the fourth time Portaria No. 363/2010 of 23 June, laying down the rules of implementation of the prior certification of invoicing software to be used by taxable persons subject to Corporate Income Tax (“IRC”) and Value Added Tax (“VAT”).

Among the main changes brought by this Portaria, noteworthy is the reduction of the cases of exemption from the obligation to use the invoicing software previously certified by the Tax and Customs Authority.

Accordingly, only taxable persons who:

  • In the previous taxation period have had a turnover of EUR 100,000.00 or less, provided they do not choose to use the invoicing software; and
  • Carry out transactions taxed through automated dispensing machines or supply services in which a receipt or an entry, transport, or service ticket or other pre-printed bearer document is usually issued, as proof of the payment

are exempted from the said obligation

These changes come into force on 1 January 2014.