With the purpose of releasing the full potential of the Single Market and make of it the base for European companies to flourish, the Commission proposed a package of measures to simplify bureaucracy for services providers and to support Member States in the identification of excessively onerous or obsolete requirements on self-employed people or companies operating nationally or across borders.

The Package includes four initiatives: a new European services e-card, a proportionality assessment of national rules on professional services, guidance for national reforms in regulation of professions and an improved system of notification of draft national laws on services.

The draft Regulation 2016/0403 (COD) introducing a European Services e-card and related administrative facilities (here) proposes a simplified electronic procedure addressed to providers of business services and construction services to help them to comply with all legal and administrative obligations required to provide services domestically and in the “host country”.

The new system will allow service providers to follow familiar procedures, liaising with their own administration and language, while the home country interlocutor will be in charge of verifying the documents submitted online and of transmitting them to the host Member State. This preserves the power to apply domestic legal requirements and to decide on the applicant’s request to provide services on its territory. Finally, the host Member State can cancel, repeal or suspend the e-card at any moment.