1. Mechanical/Miscellaneous Sector

The report of the 103rd meeting of the Mechanical/Miscellaneous Sector of the Nomenclature Committee of 6-8 February 2013 has been made available. The Committee adopted favourable opinions on classification regulations for a wide range of products, detailed above in the Classification Regulations section. The Committee also examined the classification of grooved pipes intended to be used in sprinkler systems, multilayer wooden panels, trailer cycles, plastic toy figurines, glass fibre mats, toys representing a horse’s head attached to a wooden stick, bacteria filters for medical infusion systems, professional CD players/mixers, real-time clock modules, water dispensers, heart-beat measuring equipment, handsets for aircraft seats, traffic message channel (TMC) receivers, and printed circuit boards. The Committee further discussed, inter alia, a draft Regulation for three components (electronic units) used in the electronic control system of a motor vehicle, the outcome from the Project Group on audio-video products with respect to the classification of high speed cameras, and a draft Regulation classifying a plastic housing part to be used as an outer cover of a safety seat-belt buckle.

The next meeting of the Mechanical/Miscellaneous sector of the Nomenclature Committee is scheduled to take place on 17-19 April 2013. The agenda for that meeting includes the submission of opinions on the classification of fun massagers, ornamental screws, parts of safety seatbelts, upper and lower covers for a safety seatbelt buckle, and a fireside companion set. The Committee is further scheduled to examine the classification of, inter alia, LED modules and floodlights, motor vehicles as collectors’ pieces, all-terrain vehicles XY, TV covers and frames, rear-view cameras, TV simulators, flame detectors, wrist pulsometers and HDMI splitters.

  1. HS/WCO Coordination Sector

The report of the 104th meeting of the Nomenclature Committee’s HS/WCO Coordination Sector held on 20- 22 February 2013 has been made available. During this meeting, the chairman presented items on the agenda of the 51st session of the HS Committee in order to determine the EU position for this purpose. The Committee also discussed, inter alia, the possible amendment of headings 69.07 and 69.08 (ceramic tiles), headings 73.04 to 73.06 (steel tubes) and the corresponding explanatory notes, Chapters 54-55 (polypropylene) and heading 39.07 (viscosity number), the classification of so-called BIO-BLOK filters, and decided not to adopt any amendments for subheading 8708 21 (parts of safety seat belts). The next meeting will be held on 16-17 May 2013.

  1. Combined Nomenclature Sector

The 107th meeting of the CN Sector of the Nomenclature Committee took place on 25-26 March 2013. The agenda for that meeting included, inter alia, an Italian proposal for new CN codes for motorcycle parts, a possible simplification of the nomenclature under subheading 2704 00 (Electrodes) and CN codes 3102 50 10 and 3105 90 10 (Natural sodium nitrate) in the context of the 2014 Combined Nomenclature, and the possible creation of new CN codes for “bio-based” products (lubricants, succinic acid and 1.4-butandiol) and for alufoil under headings 7612 and 7615. The transposition of the CN Explanatory Notes into the 2013 Combined Nomenclature and the possible amendment of existing Classification Regulations to reflect the 2013 CN, were also among the topics on the agenda.

  1. Agriculture/Chemistry Sector

The 106th meeting of the Agriculture/Chemistry Sector of the Customs Code Committee took place on 6-8 March 2013. The report for that meeting indicates that the Committee delivered a favourable opinion on the tariff classification of, inter alia, cleansing wipes (CN code 3304 99 00), protein concentrates used for animal feeding, and a product consisting of calcium carbonate and starch. The Committee further discussed the Commission proposal for an amendment of the EN to CN code 2402 10 00 (cigars, cheroots and cigarillos), and the EN to CN code 3907 60 20 with respect to the solvent used for measuring the viscosity of polyethylene terephthalate. The Committee also discussed a possible amendment of the HS, the HS Explanatory Notes and of the CN related to ethylene polymers and in particular relating to the possible creation of a new subheading for linear low-density polyethylene. The Committee further examined the tariff classification of a product called “bromelain”, which is presented in tablets, gas obtained from biomass, and tobacco refuse. The Committee finally also examined the application of customs duties to goods presented in sets, and a proposal to amend the HS/HSEN on the tariff classification of food supplements.