The Guangzhou IP Court released a 2020 official report for patent cases. As the report informed, the Guangzhou IP court received nearly 6,900 patent cases related to different types. The total amount of patent cases exceeded 1,8 billion RMB.

Patent cases statistics in 2020

Mr. Li, the vice president in the Guangzhou IP Court, clarified patent statistics for the previous year. The Guangzhou IP court received 6900 patent cases, of which 4900 cases (2/3rds) were successfully concluded. If we consider the 2020 patent cases chart, the total amount of patent cases could be distributed in the following way:

  • 4,881 cases dealt with design patents. This is 70% of all the patent cases in 2020.
  • 1,323 cases related to utility models, i.e., 19% of the patent cases.
  • 551 cases belong to invention patents which is less than 8%.
  • 150 cases include all the ‘other’ patent cases, only 2% of the total.

Apart from that, Mr. Li noted that the Guangzhou IP court had widened its working scope in two directions. Firstly, the Court, jointly with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, participated at facilitating international IP dispute resolution. Secondly, the Court had acquired valuable experience in hearing and handling cases concerned with modern technologies such as drones, biomedicine, wireless communication etc. As Mr. Li stated, the number of cases related to up-to-date technologies will be constantly increasing, as technologies are integral to modern life.