Verizon Communications, search engine giant Google and seven other telecommunications and electronics firms are the targets of a lawsuit filed in a Texas district court that accuses the companies of violating patents that relate to “visual voicemail” technology. The complaint is the latest in a series of infringement suits brought by Klausner Technologies, the developer of patented visual voicemail technology that enables voicemail messages to be converted and viewed as e-mail. Cable operator Cox Communications, Embarq Corp., LG Electronics and two voice-over-Internet protocol start up ventures—PhoneFusion and RingCentral—are also named in the suit, which requests a jury trial and unspecified damages. Through a separate, but similar patent suit filed last December, Klausner won settlements from AT&T and iPhone producer Apple, Inc., eBay (the owner of the Skype web calling service), AOL, and Vonage Holdings. Cable industry leader Comcast, which was also named in the December suit, has signed a licensing agreement with Klausner as part of its settlement. Although Sprint Nextel was not named as a defendant in either suit, sources indicate that Sprint has completed a licensing deal that permits the wireless carrier to use patented Klausner technologies. Klausner, which is considering the pursuit of patent claims against various web-based phone service providers, is also reported to be in settlement discussions with Cablevision, another defendant named in the December complaint.