The government has strengthened laws surrounding food and allergen labelling, following the death of teenager Natasha EdnanLaperouse from an allergic reaction to a Pret a Manger product.

‘Natasha’s Law’ will become operational in October 2021, requiring food businesses across the country to list full ingredients on their labelling on pre-packed for direct sale (PPDS) foods.

Current laws do not require allergen information to be displayed on PPDS foods, making it difficult for allergen sufferers to purchase food whilst they are out. It is hoped that the new laws will give allergy sufferers confidence in purchasing and consuming these types of foods.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) will publish information to assist the industry in becoming compliant. The new laws will apply to all food businesses across England, with similar provisions expected to be implemented throughout the UK.

The FSA Board has also announced a series of actions designed to protect those with allergies, including updating its highlyregarded ‘Safer Food Better Business’ guide and launching an awareness campaign. The announcement comes after the death of teenager Owen Carey, who tragically died after an allergic reaction to milk at a London restaurant.

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