Introduced yesterday, Vermont S.309, sets targets for greenhouse gas reduction levels. The three targets within the bill aim to reduce the generation of greenhouse gases from the 1990 baseline by 25 percent by 2012, 50 percent by 2028 and 75 percent by 2050. The bill states:

"This program shall include ways to: establish appropriate greenhouse gas emission baseline levels due to preexisting structures, equipment, and systems; establish greenhouse gas emission reduction targets; record steps taken to reduce emissions or enhance carbon sequestration; measure or otherwise determine pertinent emission levels before and after the steps were taken; identify anticipated or unanticipated collateral impacts, including any effects related to the destruction of carbon sequestration capabilities; evaluate the effectiveness of alternatives pursued; readjust emission reduction targets, as necessary; communicate to other agencies measures that work and that fail to work as intended."

The bill also includes a goal for the state to reduce greenhouse gas emission levels by 5 percent per year, starting this year.