Managing contracts manually can be extremely time-consuming for general counsel and their teams, taking the focus away from higher value work.

In a recent webinar, ContractWorks reviewed how legal teams can utilize contract management software to offload tasks associated with contract management, while reducing cost, minimizing risk, and saving time. Which allows for more time to focus on important legal matters.

Below are a few topics explored during the webinar:

  • C-Suite and the Legal Department
    • Cost
    • Time
    • Priorities
  • Cost of Missing Contracts
    • Unused Services
    • Missed Opportunities
    • Unwelcome Penalties
  • Impact on Revenue
    • Revenue Loss
    • Missed Renewals
    • Missed Milestones
  • How to Quantify & Prioritize the Value of Automating Contract Management
    • Missed Expiration Dates
    • NDA Delays & Contract Discussion Time
  • Assessing Type of Solutions
    • Free Solutions
    • Data Tracking Solutions
    • Dedicated Software: Non-Enterprise
    • Dedicated Software: Enterprise
    • Feature Requirements
  • Changing Your Contract Management Process - Tips for Success
    • Managing Roles
    • Overcoming Risk of Failure
    • Managing Expectations and Workload 

For a full overview of how legal counsel can improve their contracting process to focus on higher value legal work view a recording of this webinar, and learn how contract management software can help the legal department offload contract management tasks.