(CAISHUI [2013] NO. 37)(财政部、国家税务总局关于在全国开展交通运输业和部分现代服务业营业税改征增值税试点税收政策的通知), ISSUED BY SAT AND MINISTRY OF FINANCE ("MOF")

After the Executive Meeting of the State Council, the Circular is published officially for the purpose of further expanding the scope of pilot cities where business tax shall be replaced by value-added tax for levying. The main content of this Meeting is as follows:

  • The Value Added Tax reform currently taking place in 9 pilot areas will be extended to cover all China starting from 1 August 2013; and
  • It is intended that radio, film and television services as a sub-item of taxable item of some modern service sectors will also be shifted from BT to VAT.

Date of issue: May 24, 2013. Effective date: August 1, 2013.