We have a particular interest in ocean renewables from our work with offshore wind and wave projects and watch the industry closely. In the last couple of weeks, some interesting things have happened in the world of ocean renewable energy. First, the bad news. PG&E stepped away from some plans to build a “hub” to support wave energy project development.

But most of the news is good. FERC and the State of Washington reached an agreement to work together on wave, tidal and current energy projects, building on the first such agreement reached more than a year ago with Oregon.

Those can-do Norwegians deployed the first floating wind turbine--perhaps a harbinger of units that someday will serve the U.S eastern seaboard. And the Interior Department’s Minerals Management Service held public meetings around the country on its new regulatory regime for leasing OCS sites for wind, wave, tidal and current energy projects.

Those who follow this industry, especially those who budget for legal counsel, will want to study this recently signed MMS-USFWS MOU.