Pew’s recent report came as no surprise that 95% of teens (12-17) are on the Internet. But why are only 80% using Social Media? Amazingly 55% of online teens “have decided not to post something online because they were concerned that it might reflect badly on them in the future.”

Hopefully the reason for teenagers' concern about their future is that parents are really taking the time to educate their children. Pew reported the following statistics:

  • 94% of parents of online teens say they have talked with their teen about what kinds of things should and should not be shared online.
  • 93% have talked with their child about ways to use the internet and cell phones safely.
  • 87% have suggested ways to behave toward other people online.
  • 87% of parents have talked with their child about what he or she does on the internet.

Since Pew recently reported that 65% of adults are using Social Media daily (up from 5% in 2005) the new Pew report that 80% of teens use Social Media certain means the age gap on Social Media is closing.

The 80% of teens using Social Media seems to reinforce the Consumer Reports article that 7.5 million children under 13 are on Facebook (in violation of the 1998 Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act).

As Social Media evolves it will be interesting to watch these trends for teens and adults.