Following up on our January 26, 2011 post regarding the gap between research and jobs in cleantech, we note that Vice President Biden has since been addressing the issue after the State of the Union address. Vice President Biden recently announced a new federal program to accelerate wide scale adoption of electric vehicles. He also traveled to the Indiana company, Ener1, to make the announcement. Ener1 develops, among other technologies, nanotech-based products.

Is this our modern space program, fifty years later?

President Kennedy pushed the bold space program because of the psychological and military impact of being number one in space, even when the costs seemed outrageous. Energy is a more subtle play than space, wherein now the government plants economic seeds and the private sector struggles to make them grow. IPO action in 2011, for example, hopefully will feature cleantech, nanotech, and materials companies, adding a real tech punch to the social media IPOs. The government, led by President Obama and Vice President Biden, likely will continue to watch and push cleantech and nanotech commercialization in the next two years, being as bold as necessary. Also, the role of nano within cleantech should not be left behind. We will continue to monitor these developments.