The Government’s Red Tape Challenge is currently focusing on employment law. If you click on the link you will see that the employment part is split into 4 sections:-

  • Compliance and enforcement

(including the national minimum wage, 48 hour working week and employing agency workers)

  • Letting People Go

(rules and procedures around letting people go, from notice of termination to redundancy payments)

  • Managing Staff

(including working time, statutory annual leave, sick pay and disability adjustments)

  • Taking People On

(job advertisements, interview, probation periods in employment and so on)

A considerable number of interesting comments have been made under each section and you can leave your own comments. The Government will then change the law to match your specific requirements. Or possibly not!

I can’t find specific mention of it on the website but I think you have until about 24 October (don’t hold me to it though) to leave your comments.