The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) has a new chairman for the third time in three years, as Andre Porter was sworn in to take over the position recently held by Thomas Johnson, The Columbus Dispatch reports. Porter “spoke of the importance of fair play in deciding complex issues” at his swearing-in, saying, “[w]e must have a consistent regulatory approach which provides stability in the state. No one gets special treatment. There is going to be a level playing field at the commission.” The new chairman won’t have to wait long to demonstrate this approach, as he will immediately deal with proposals from American Electric Power and FirstEnergy asking for income guarantees to keep power plants operating. Opponents, including environmental advocates, have argued that the proposals burden consumers with financial risks for those plants. Consumer advocate Bruce Weston praised Porter’s remarks, saying, “Mr. Porter’s statements today emphasizing fairness and openness in the PUCO’s processes are a welcome start to his term as chairman.” For more, read the full article