Pacific Employers Insurance Company entered into a quota share reinsurance agreement with AXA Belgium in the 1970s, when Pacific was a California domiciliary. The agreement was never formalized so it included no terms concerning exclusive jurisdiction, service of suit, choice of law or forum selection. Pacific moved its offices to Pennsylvania in the early 1990s. Pacific continued to bill AXA on occasion, and AXA paid claims and submitted billings to Pacific at its Pennsylvania office. The parties then became engaged in dispute over AXA’s continuing obligations. Pacific brought suit in Pennsylvania federal court. AXA challenged personal jurisdiction. Pacific produced evidence in support of its claim of jurisdiction, including billings AXA sent to it in Pennsylvania, and the fact that AXA representatives had conducted an audit of Pacific at its Pennsylvania offices. It also contended that AXA directed numerous written and telephone communications to Pacific in Pennsylvania. Finally, Pacific argued that AXA did other substantial business in Pennsylvania, in support of its “general jurisdiction” claim. The Court rejected all of Pacific’s claims, and granted AXA’s Rule 12(b)(2) motion to dismiss. Pacific Employers Ins. Co. v. AXA Belgium, S.A., No. 09-5211 (USDC E.D. Pa. April 27, 2011).