On 15 March 2017, the ACM obliged competitors to amend their collaboration with respect to concrete mortar depots in line with earlier agreed commitments.

In 2016, seven concrete mortar companies offered commitments to address serious competition concerns identified by the ACM. According to these commitments, the seven companies would amend their collaboration in relation to specific concrete mortar depots if their combined market share would exceed 40% in a particular region. The ACM is of the view that close cooperation between competitors in relation to one depot reduces the incentive to compete and increases the risk of commercially sensitive information. This risk increases when market shares are higher.

The ACM has found that in six of the concrete mortar depots concerned the combined market share of the collaborating companies exceeds 40%. To comply with the commitments, the ACM ordered these companies to sell their share in the respective depot or end the collaboration within three years. In addition, the companies agreed to other commitments, such as not giving assignments to competitors and registering contacts between competing companies. The ACM has indicated that it will visit depots in the coming months to verify that these commitments have been implemented.