ICANN ended the month of July with a bang, clearing and delegating the following new gTLDs:

  • .lgbt
  • .lacaixa
  • .spiegel
  • .nra
  • .ngo
  • .krd
  • .whoswho
  • .auction
  • .yandex
  • .praxi
  • .ong
  • .williamhill
  • .healthcare
  • .realtor
  • .top

Sundown approaches for some gTLDs

The sunrise periods are set to close this month for the gTLDs that follow. Once a sunrise period closes for a new gTLD, the gTLD registry will enter into landrush and early access phases before proceeding to General Availability. As a new gTLD proceeds through these phases, the ability for those of the general public to obtain desired gTLDs increases.

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gTLDs still catching rays

The sun is still shining for the following new gTLDs, which are accepting sunrise registrations through late summer and into fall.

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Following sunrise and landrush periods, new gTLDs move into the final stage, general availability. At this time, anyone can register a second-level domain within the new gTLD, subject to availability. Read a list of new gTLDs and their status.