Claimant (aged 28 years) was admitted to the Defendant hospital following an episode of collapse and loss of consciousness. ECG was performed and anti-convulsant medication prescribed. Approximately two and a half years later she suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed at home. She was resuscitated but suffered from cerebral hypoxia.

The Claimant brought an action against the Defendant for failing to correctly interpret the ECG which showed she had an abnormally long Q-T interval. Had it been interpreted properly a cardioverter defibrillator would have been implanted and the cardiac arrest would have been avoided. Liability admitted.

Claimant suffered hypoxic ischaemic brain injury with spastic quadriplegia and cognitive impairment. She also suffered marked dysphonia severely limiting her communication skills and her mobility was very poor, requiring use of a wheelchair. She was doubly incontinent and required assistance with all daily activities.

Out of court settlement: £1,400,000 lump sum (estimated General Damages £180,000) and annual periodical payments of £105,000.