The Commission has concluded two investigations into Greek casinos begun in July 2010. In one case, the Commission upheld a complaint that taxation on casino admissions in Greece was discriminatory and constituted aid in favour of public casinos. Under Greek law, admission tickets are taxed at 80 per cent, but the price of tickets is also regulated, with the cost set at €6 for state-owned casinos, and €15 in the case of privately-owned casinos. The Commission concluded that the different fiscal treatment conferred an advantage on state-owned casinos and also caused the state to forgo revenues it would otherwise have been able to collect. The Commission ordered Greece to recover aid from state-owned casinos from 1999 and to change the rules. In a separate investigation, the Commission concluded that the sale by the government of its 49 per cent stake in Mont Parnès casino did not entail state aid. A bidder excluded from the tendering process made the complaint, however the Commission found that the sale took place in an open and unconditional bidding procedure and Greece was assumed to have received market value.