The Department of Health is currently seeking views on the operation of the national framework through its regular meetings with Strategic Health Authority leads. If your Strategic Health Authority (SHA) has not already asked for your views, you may wish to contact them and offer them anyway! This is a valuable opportunity to try to influence improvements to the implementation of the national framework for the future. Just a few of the issues you may wish to raise are:

  • concerns over the sensitivity of the decision support tool;
  • the need for more guidance on the fast track pathway tool and the urgency of the need for guidance on end of life care;
  • the desirability of having a clear definition of "primary health need";
  • funding responsibilities for patients discharged from hospital who have been assessed as ineligible for NHS continuing healthcare but who appeal that decision, ie.,clarification of paragraph 50 and paragraph 8 of annex E of the national framework;
  • the need for clear grounds for appeal before a “no” decision can be referred to the SHA Independent Review Panel;
  • the need for guidance to patients and their carers whose cases are to be reviewed by the SHA Independent Review Panel as to the remit of the Independent Review Panel and the range of possible outcomes of an appeal;
  • review of the public information booklet; and
  • guidance on how to apportion costs between health and social care for patients receiving joint packages of care.