In a previous post dated August 13, 2008, we noted that a federal court dismissed a complaint brought by Swiss Reinsurance America Corporation (“Swiss Re”) against the Access General Agency, Inc., Access Claims Administrators, Inc., and Access General Insurance Agency of California (“Access Entities”), alleging that the Access Entities failed to manage and administer claims properly under Swiss Re’s predecessors’ reinsurance program. The Court's opinion granted the motion to dismiss on the basis that Swiss Re’s earlier complaint failed to differentiate claims and allegations between the related but separate Access Entities.

Swiss Re amended its complaint and the defendants again filed a motion to dismiss. This time, the Court denied the defendants’ motion, finding that Swiss Re adequately cured its previous pleading by: (1) separating counts against the various Access Entities and identifying the various contracts under which claims were brought against each defendant; and (2) by pleading sufficient facts in support of its claim that the Access Entities should be jointly liable under an “alter ego” theory. Swiss Reinsurance America Corp. v. Access General Agency, Inc., Case No. 07 -3954 (USDC N.D. Ill. Jan. 26, 2009).