In October 2014, the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) launched its new Green Star – Design & As Built rating tool.

One of the key objectives of the Green Star – Design & As Built is to provide a system that is more user-friendly and cost-effective.  According to the GBCA, the new rating tool reduces the amount of documentation required to demonstrate compliance.

The new Green Star – Design & As Built rating tool will supersede previous Green Star rating tools for design and construction.  This means that the design and construction of all types of buildings (whether single or mixed-use, retail or commercial etc.) and major refurbishments can now be assessed and certified under one rating tool.  Buildings will be assessed over nine impact categories and new credits introduced under the new rating tool include:

  • Adaptation and resilience: buildings designed to be resilient in the face of climate change and extreme weather events;
  • Life cycle impacts: reduction of environmental impacts of building materials;
  • Responsible building materials: use of responsibly sourced building materials;
  • Heat island effect: steps taken by projects to reduce their influence on the heat island effect; and
  • Sustainable transport: new pathways to demonstrate sustainable transport initiatives.

Projects currently registered under a legacy rating tool can transition to the new Green Star – Design & As Built at any time.  From January 2016, new registrations under legacy rating tools will no longer be accepted, other than those that have achieved a ‘Design’ rating under the legacy rating tools and are seeking to continue with their ‘As Built’ rating.