The joint working Customer Information Committee (CIC) set up between the ACMA, the Communications Alliance, industry and the Department of Communications in February 2014 has released their new Framework for Customer Information Provisions. The CIC was tasked with evaluating customer information provisions and removing any duplication, overlaps or unnecessary obligations as well as developing a new framework.

The Framework is to be used to assess the current information provision requirements, the need for introducing new requirements and how these new requirements should be managed. The Framework is to apply to all customer information requirements for the telecommunications industry, regardless of where they appear (e.g. legislation, subordinate regulation or industry codes and guidelines).

The applicability of the Framework is not to be affected by changing regulatory imperatives, new technologies or changing areas of consumer concern. The new Framework aims to ensure that relevant information is made available to customers when they need or want it, consumer protections are maintained and vulnerable consumers are provided with additional protections.

The Framework can be found here.