DEFRA: Environmental Regulation team moves from BIS to DEFRA: announces that the DBIS Environmental Regulation team will transfer into the DEFRA Environmental Quality Directorate on 1 April 2016 under a Machinery of Government change. The team has policy responsibility for enforcement of a range of waste and product-related EU-derived regulations that have either Single Market or producer responsibility objectives. The press release lists the relevant legislation that will be transferred from DBIS to DEFRA Ministers as a consequence of this Machinery of Government change. (24 March 2016)

DBIS: Cutting red tape – Review of the waste sector: the Cutting Red Tape Waste Review asked businesses, trade associations and industry experts to tell them where regulation causes barriers to growth, innovation and productivity in the waste sector. The Review identified numerous issues and themes about waste crime as well as regulatory burdens, from specific issues regarding the current permitting system, the producer responsibility regulations and inspections regime to wider more strategic issues such as the duplication of regulation and the interpretation of EU Directives. This report summarises the Review's findings and outlines some of its future work to address the issues and concerns raised. (3 March 2016)