The Financial Services Skills Council (FSSC) has published a final draft version of the national occupational standards (NOS) for providing financial advice and financial planning.

There are eight units in this suite of NOS comprising:

  • PFAFP01 Engage the client for financial advice and/or planning.
  • PFAFP02 Gather and validate financial information.
  • PFAFP03 Analyse the client’s financial circumstances.
  • PFAFP04 Research and select appropriate financial solutions to inform recommendations.
  • PFAFP05 Advise on appropriate financial solutions and agree the next steps.
  • PFAFP06 Implement financial solutions.
  • PFAFP07 Review and respond to the client’s changing financial needs and circumstances.
  • PFAFP08 Maintain your own performance, personal development and financial services industry awareness.

The FSSC states that the final draft version was submitted for approval to the UK Commission for Employment & Skills at the end of January 2010. The FSSC warns that the final version might be subject to some further amendments.

View National Occupational Standards for Providing Financial Advice & Financial Planning, 11 February 2010