Anti-eating Face Mask (U.S. 4,344,424) - A mask worn on the head of a user to prevent the consumption of food.

Cheese Filter Cigarette (U.S. 3,234,948) - A cigarette filter capable of reducing materially the nicotine and tars in tobacco smoke using Parmesan, Romano and Swiss cheese.

Instant Face Lift (U.S. 4,995,379) - A device to provide a face lift without surgery, using a flexible tension strap adhesively attached to the human scalp.

Combination Beverage Tray and Sun Visor (U.S. 5,094,343) - A beverage tray which uses a base and raised side walls, where the base may be separated from the side walls to form an opening, allowing the beverage tray to be converted to a sun visor.

Kissing Shield (U.S. 5,727,565) - A shield made of a thin flexible membrane and holder to prevent exposure to germs and diseases.

Apparatus for Simulating a High Five (U.S. 5,356,330) - A pivoting self-righting hand arm to enable a solitary fan to perform a "high five" to express excitement during a televised sporting event.

Pants Separable at Crotch for Style Mixing (U.S. 6,161,223) - Pants that are separable at the crotch into left and right pant legs, each pant leg chosen from a set of pant legs of various fashion styles.

Greenhouse Helmet (U.S. 4,605,000) - A dome containing plants secured within the dome worn completely over the head of a person so that they can breathe in the oxygen given off by the plants.

Motorized Ice Cream Cone (U.S. 5,971,829) - Hand held motorized cup spinner for rotating and sculpting a portion of ice cream while it is being consumed.

Exercising Device (U.S. 1,466,559) - A device to exercise the teeth using two plates and an elastic band in the form of a spring that each person grips between the teeth to allow pulling of opposite directions, similar to "tug-of-war".