Today, the Michigan Medical Marihuana Board announced further public meetings.

As we reported following the Board’s meeting last week, the Board’s next meeting had been scheduled for October. The State’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (“LARA”) was asked by the Board to come to that meeting with recommendations on how the Board should handle licensing for individuals and entities that are presently operating unlicensed marihuana-related businesses. As multiple Board members explained at the last meeting, these operations are occurring despite a 2013 Michigan Supreme Court decision that held most commercial marihuana activity illegal under Michigan law.

It now appears that LARA and the Board will wade back into the controversial topic of ongoing marihuana businesses sooner than initially anticipated. Today, the Board announced a meeting to be held at noon on September 12 at Bath Township’s Hawk Hollow golf course outside of East Lansing. This meeting is in addition to public meetings that will be held in East Lansing on October 17 and November 28.

Like the last meeting, all of these meetings will be live-streamed. A link for viewing the meetings will be posted on LARA’s medical marihuana webpage prior to the meetings.