Deadline for new compulsory employee meetings has passed


Law n°2014-2888, of 2014, required employers put in place arrangements for a formal meeting with employees (a “professional meeting” or “entretien professionnel”) every two years. The final date by which such arrangements had to be in place, therefore, was 7 March 2016. The “professional meeting” is different from the annual performance review.

Main compulsory employee meetings

The introduction of professional meetings means that an organisation may have to organise three kinds of employee meetings, either as separate meetings or combined but with different agenda and minutes.

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General comments

Inviting employees to the meetings by email or letter is recommended. The meeting and its minutes should be in French. The results should remain confidential.

Particular comments

  • There are specific duties and templates for the organisation of professional meetings, depending on the company's business sector.
  • The meetings may trigger information and consultation duties towards staff representative bodies prior to implementation and on an annual basis.

Potential sanctions/risks in case of non-compliance

  • Civil damages in case of unjustified dismissal for poor performance;
  • Civil damages for lack of professional development / training
  • Specific sanction for companies with at least 50 employees after 6 years: payment of 100 hours of training for a full-time employee / 130 hours of training for a part-time employee, i.e. from €3,000 to €3,900 per employee.


Companies may incur significant sanctions / risks for lack of regular meetings with its employees under the new legal provisions.