The General Court dismissed an appeal by an unsuccessful bidder over its failure to qualify for a European Commission tender. The tender concerned a contract for the creation of land use models and in particular, the assessment of environmental impact. The bidder, Progetti di sviluppo Srl (Proges), asked for annulment of the Commission’s decision that its bid did not meet the required technical criteria and also asked for damages. The General Court considered that the claim for damages was inadmissible because there was insufficient identification of the alleged harm. The General Court did consider admissible the substantive claims. It therefore examined whether the Commission had misapplied the terms of the tender when it evaluated the bid. Its conclusion, in general, concurred with the Commission’s assessment. Although the court did accept that there was some validity in Proges’s argument that the Commission had not given due weight to the company’s geographic representation and relevant experience, it concluded that even if this had been given a higher weighting, Proges would have failed to qualify.