On 16 November 2007, aWTO dispute panel published a 338-page ruling in which it upheld 22 claimsmade by Norway against the EU’s conduct of the anti-dumping proceedings and determinations concerning salmon. Nevertheless, the panel dismissed a further 15 claimsmade by Norway and decided not to issue findings on several other claims, thus enabling both sides to claimvictory.

The dispute dates back to 1989, but the latest dutieswere imposed in January 2006 after Scottish producers had claimed they were being undercut byNorwegian exporters selling belowcost. In retaliation,Norway initiatedWTOproceedings against the EU inMarch 2006, complaining, inter alia, that the EUhad improperly initiated a dumping investigation, had undertaken an injury investigation into a single product that, according toWTOrules, comprisesmore than one product, and had initiated the investigationwithout ensuring that the application for an investigationwasmade by or on behalf of the relevant domestic industry.

Both sidesmay appeal theWTO verdict within two months.