From 6 April 2016, a new process under the Companies Act 2006 will allow Companies House to change the registered office address of a company that is using an address without permission.

If Companies House receives an application from any person, it will (unless the application has no real prospect of success) give notice to the company. It will invite the company to provide evidence that it can use the address as its registered office (for example, evidence that the company or a related group undertaking has a proprietary interest at the address). If the company fails to provide acceptable evidence, Companies House must change the address of the registered office to a default address.

The default address will be a PO Box at Companies House. The company cannot use this default address for keeping, or making available for inspection, its registers or other documents. Companies House will have no duty to open any documents delivered to the default address, and may destroy any documents uncollected after 12 months.

The applicant or the company may appeal a Companies House decision to the court within 28 days.

Section 99 Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 and Companies (Address of Registered Office) Regulations 2016