Round 1 of the Industry Collaboration Fund Program is now open for applications. Applications will close on 12 July 2013.

Information about the Fund and the newly released guidelines is available at the Industry Collaboration Fund website.

Eligibility for the Industry Collaboration Fund Program is restricted to Precincts established under the Industry Innovation Precincts Program and parties in collaborations with the Precincts. Information about the Program can be found here.

Round 1 funding is limited to the two Precincts which have already been announced in the Manufacturing and Food sectors. Up to eight additional Precincts will be selected from industry-led proposals. These Precincts will be eligible to apply for future rounds of the Fund.

The Precincts aim to help industry:

  • create new growth opportunities
  • enhance the competitiveness of Australian businesses
  • boost productivity and enable innovative practices to emerge from the workshop, the factory floor and the laboratory.

And in doing so, the Precincts aim to position Australia to engage and capture major opportunities in the Asian Century in areas where we have competitive advantage or emerging opportunities.