In an attempt to address the issues surrounding tracking and the positioning of adverts to Facebook users, Facebook has rolled out a tool that allows its users to choose whether their tracking data obtained from things such as the 'Like' and 'Share' buttons can be used to position adverts to them based on their online behaviour. Facebook has become a big brother of sorts, gathering a vast amount of personal data on its users. The release of this new tool comes in line with the fact that Facebook will start using the information it has on its 1.49 billion users to target behavioural advertisement which operates dependent on the data gathered on likes and dislikes on the site. At present the ability to prevent targeted ads on Facebook isn't new but the option to 'opt-out' is. Regardless of the new setting, Facebook will still collect the same information about your visits to external sites containing Facebook social plug-ins.

To access the behavioural targeting opt-out, users will need to first open the account settings section, which can be found by clicking on the 'More' tab in Facebook's mobile app or the arrow in the top-right corner on Facebook's desktop site. Then they will need to click on the 'ads' tab, which will display the new opt-out tool. Unsurprisingly Facebook will not be explicitly notifying its users of the opt out when it is released.