According to the most recent annual survey of mining companies prepared by the Fraser Institute1, Québec is the most attractive jurisdiction for mining exploration.

For a second year in a row, Québec comes first as to the attractiveness of its governmental mining policies according to the point of view of exploration managers.

Governmental policies are measured by considering many grounds such as: uncertainty regarding the interpretation and the enforcement of existing laws and regulations, notably for what concerns environmental matters and taxation, and including regulatory duplication and inconsistencies between the jurisdictions (for example, between the federal and the provincial); political stability; issues related to Natives, to protected areas, to the availability and quality of infrastructures, to the socioeconomic conditions (as local purchasing policies, schools, hospitals, etc.) and to the labour laws; quality of geological databases and security.

Moreover, Québec finishes in second place, behind Chile, in the list of places where mining potential, in connection with existing governmental policies, is more encouraging for mining exploration.